Our Services

Drug target validation and prediction

Drug target prediction

Our solutions offer novel ways of drug target validation and prediction. Our experts can help you with:

  • Customized solutions for the screening and analysis of large compound sets and their human targets
  • Drug target prediction based on their side effects
  • Prediction of possible drug side effects based on their target-binding profiles
  • Prediction of metabolization pathways and drug interference

Integration of existing in-house databases and resources

Cluster If your company uses many in-house biological databases and resources, they are likely scattered through various departments, making them hard to access and use for your scientists.

biobyte solutions provides completely customized, user-friendly user interfaces to your existing tools and resources. We will work directly with you and tweak the product based on direct feedback from the actual end users, making sure the interfaces are easy to understand and use.

Custom biocomputational software development


The simplest solution to the development of various small and micro-scale software packages it to simply outsource them. Based on your requirements, biobyte solutions offers quick development and deployment of various small bioinformatics tools.

Data analysis

Data analysis

If your CPU resources are limited, biobyte solutions offers fast and reliable biological data analysis service. Some of the possible large-scale analyses include:

  • In-depth proteome and genome analysis by bioinformatic experts
  • Detection of protein interaction networks
  • Annotation of protein domains and features
  • BLAST or Swiss-Waterman searches
  • Detection of eukaryotic linear motifs
  • Protein disorder prediction

Database updates and maintenance

Database maintenance

Keeping biological databases up to date is often a time consuming and boring job. We offer a complete range of database update and maintenance services, customized to your needs.

  • in-house or remote updates and maintenance
  • variable update schedule, based on your requirements

General biocomputational consulting


Our extensive network of professionals and scientists offers help and consulting with any biocomputational questions you might have.

We offer

  • suggestions and help with choosing the best methods for various data analyses
  • help with in-house biological database and analysis pipeline setups
  • professional analysis and interpretation of particular case studies

Training and other services


With hundreds of publicly available biocomputational tools and services available, it becomes harder and harder finding the right ones and learning how to use them properly. If your company is interested in high quality, professional training on various tools, please contact our partners,