Extensive network of top scientists provides quick solutions to your biocomputational questions.

Metagenomics data integration

Gain novel insights into your existing data and integrate it with numerous external resources.

Protein domain annotation

Our experts were involved in many eukaryotic and prokaryotic genome annotation projects.

Annotation of phylogenetic trees

Fully integrated into your framework, these tools offer unmatched data visualization on phylogenetic trees.

Wide selection of existing and novel tools, tailored and customized to your specific needs


biobyte solutions provides customized bioinformatics services and tools. Our worldwide network of leading biocomputational scientists is a warranty for expertise in a wide range of areas, ensuring our mandate to take your bioinformatics research to the next level and to extract meaningful signals from heterogeneous data.

Current tools from our wide portfolio can be custom tailored to your specific needs and completely integrated into any existing infrastructure. In addition, we can develop and deploy a wide array of novel bioinformatics tools based completely on your particular needs.

The services we provide include data analysis, resource integration and biological database maintenance. Full details are available on our services page.

We can help if

  • your bioinformatics infrastructure lacks integration and user-friendliness
  • you need high quality, easy to use bioinformatics tools
  • maintaining and updating various biological databases takes too much time
  • analyzing various large datasets exceeds your computational capabilities
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